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Cleaning UPVC

Be Careful what is used to clean the uPVC up on your home/business…cleans/restores carried out using the wrong chemicals degrade the plasticiser (hard shell) with each clean/restore – do not be fooled BY cheap prices and quick jobs – you usually get what you pay for………..

Please read the advice from one of the Chemical Manufacturers….this is what they have to say to us…

  • As uPVC gets older it becomes more porous, the plasticising agents that protects the uPVC’s surface (hard shell) that keep it subtle and shiny starts to break down, this is due to Sunlight (UV light) and using the wrong chemicals  over time which gradually degrades the Upvc
  • Cleaning with the wrong chemicals accelerates the natural weathering process with the surface  becoming rough – thus becoming more dirty more quickly………try it out for yourself today rub your fingers along your upvc window sill, is it rough and porous or smooth and hard?
  • In its life time (20–25 yrs) it’s best that uPVC is only restored with chemicals as fewer times as possible, but then protected!
  • Protection for uPVC should be Wax or a Special Coating applied by hand. The Chemical Manufacturers advise us that’ spray on’ products or products that involve a mixed waxwater are not an effective barrier against UV light, as wax does not successfully mix with water. It looks good at first but soon deteriorates and then leaves the porous uPVC open to more weathering.

Thinking about spending thousands replacing your old upvc windows and doors….speak with us first…….we may save you a lot of money and upheaval by having your existing upvc Restored Instead – + once restored we even give you a five year guarantee

*- Even if your Upvc is 10,15 or 20 years old we can still help you and Restore it – all restores are carried out by hand using a safe method, it is time consuming but well worth the cost, time and effort to bring your uPVC back to its former glory rejuvenating your home again.

  • As professional cleaners – let us look after your Upvc and see the difference 


We do not currently undertaken repair to the under structure of driveways, any ‘sinking already evident will be photographed and recorded. We do not take responsibility the sinking or further sinking of driveways due to the sub structure being in poor condition.

Sealing Driveways:-  We only provide guarantees on seals depending on the traffic to be ‘on site’, some companies make extravagant claims about given 10 year guarantees, in our experience this is unpractical and not advisory

All precautions are taken with the use, handling and storage of chemicals such as detergents under the coshh (control of substances hazardous to health) regulations.


No chemicals are used in the interior cleaning process to remove dust/grim from ceilings


Safe guards are employed to ensure the safe use of any equipment and or fall debris whilst carrying the clearing of gutters in both residential and commercial properties.

No chemicals are used during this process

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